DAMSELFISH are sighted on nearly every snorkel or dive.  The most common species
include the zebra-striped Sergeant Major, the colorful juvenile Cocoa Damsels, and the
ubiquitous Bicolored Damsel. Damsels are generally small (smaller than your hand)
but they don’t know it! To the contrary, these are the only animals that are likely to
"attack" you while snorkeling! Damselfish fiercely defend garden patches of algae on
the reef, and if you get too close to the bottom, they will come up and dance in front of
your mask to scare you away! Don’t worry, they’re harmless; in fact, they put on quite a
show if you stick around to watch.
Small Ovals
Sergeant Major
Indigo Hamlet
Yellowtail Damselfish
Yellowtail Damselfish - Juvenile
Bicolor Damselfish
Dusky Damselfish
Florida Keys Tropical Fish
Small Ovals
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Florida Keys Coral, Florida Keys Fish
Photos by Gail Culver

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