The Thunderbolt Wreck is located about 5
miles Southeast offshore from Marathon.  In the
1980's researchers from the Florida utility company
used 2 jet engines to blast ionized gas into the
upper atmosphere to attract large number of lighting
strikes on this 200 foot research vessel.  That's how
she got her name - "Thunderbolt".  She was to start
her new career as an underwater surveyor vessel
but sank in the Miami Harbor.  Members of the
Middle Keys diving community bought her in 1986
and prepped her as an artificial reef.

The Thunderbolt lies upright in 115 feet of water.  
The current here is often fierce, making this dive for
advanced or technical divers only.  There are entry
points around the wreck for divers certified in wreck

This dive is very exciting for the experienced diver.  
The wreck is heavily encrusted with a variety of
sponges and corals and there are always lots of
tropicals and barracuda around.
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