More and more visitors are discovering that there is another category
of diving that merits mention.  That is, skin diving or snorkeling as its
known today.

Snorkeling has been called the one of the best family sports there is
and snorkel gear is being sold everywhere.  They say "If you can swim
you can snorkel".  If you've never been snorkeling before, with some
basic instruction you can soon be in the water observing the
Keys tropical fish and colorful, living coral and other reef creatures that
help make up the underwater world of John Pennekamp State
Underwater Park,  Looe Key and countless other places up and down
the Florida Keys.

Most Florida Keys dive shops offer snorkeling on their boats but they
are primarily geared for the certified scuba diver.  Those boats may go
to the deeper areas of the reefs.   However several shops and boats
do offer snorkel only tours and these trips are geared for skin divers
and go to the more shallow areas of the reefs.  On these tours you
may find parents who have been scuba diving for years introducing
their young children to the wonders of the sea.  In the process they
re-discover what got them interested in diving in the first place. The
thrill and freedom of floating over a living coral garden with only mask,
fins, snorkel and safety vest is hard to top!
Scuba divers and snorkelers can choose from
a variety of Florida Keys dive sites for scuba
diving and snorkeling.  We offer wreck diving,
reef diving, night diving, beginner and
advanced diving.  Florida Keys Snorkeling is
always an adventure!