North Carysfort Reef

Located off the coast at MM 116 is the first dive site of the Upper
Keys - Carysfort Reef.  It's easy to find, just look for the 100 foot tall
steel lighthouse tower.  There are approximately 10 mooring
buoys at the reef and the depth range is from 3 to 70 feet.  
Carysfort Reef is located inside the SPA are (Sanctuary
Preservation Area) so there is no fishing or lobstering allowed

Carysfort Reef is named after the British Ship, H.M.S. Carysfort,
which grounded here in 1770. Almost 80 years later, the first
lighthouse on a reef in the Florida Keys was built at this site.

Divers and snorklers can expect to see elkhorn gardens, staghorn
coral, varieties of sponges, lettuce coral and brain coral.  There is
a steep drop to 65 known as "Carysfort Wall".  At the foot of this
wall lies a wide channel which is covered with fine sand. This
sandy channel separates this main reef from a second reef that
rises up to 35 feet below the water surface.
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