Key Largo Dry Rocks is one of the most visited and well-known dive spots in
the Florida Keys.  Most of the visitors to the site are snorklers because the reef
is very shallow.  Divers that choose to dive here will have to contend with the
swimmers above and have very good control of their buoyancy because the
coral is tall and close to the surface.  A good dive would be to go around the
coral and not up and over the coral.  
Dry Rocks is one of the most colorful sites in the Upper Keys.  Sea fans, brain
coral, elkhorn, star coral are very healthy and grown up.  Tropical fish abound.  
Key Largo Dry Rocks

The 9 foot 4000 pound bronze statue "Christ of the Abyss" was designed by
Italian sculptor Guido Galletti and was cast in Italy. This statue was
commissioned and donated by Egidi Cressi, an Italian industrialist and dive
equipment manufacturer. The Underwater Society of America received the
donation in 1962 and placed the statue at Key Largo Dry Rocks in 1966.
The Christ Statue sits on a large concrete base in 25 feet of water in a sandy
area in between large coral structures.  
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