Grecian Rocks is a crescent-shaped patch reef about 3/4 mile
South-Southwest of Dry Rocks - off the coast at MM 106.  There are
12 mooring buoys around the reef designated with the letter "G". The
reef runs from North to South and is about 1/2 mile long by 150 yards
wide. There is a very well-developed spur and groove system
overgrown with a variety of corals, sea fans and a great variety of
sponges.  The depth of the reef is from 1 to 35 feet.  Stoplight
parrotfish, princess parrotfish, queen parrotfish, and blue parrotfish,
as well as nurse sharks, are all at home in this area.  The crest of the
reef is very shallow and you should not attempt to snorkle there as
you will surely touch the top of the coral.  
In the white sandy area behind the reef is a home for queen conch.  
But please remember, in the Florida Keys,
it is illegal to disturb the
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