The Bibb Wreck

This wreck is near the Molasses reef around 6 miles offshore
at MM 100.

The Bibb was built in 1937. She is 327 feet long, with a 41 foot
beam. She served in patrols and convoy escort duties as well
as the battle for Okinawa in WWII.  A group of dive shops and
other organizations arranged for the Bibb and the Duane (the
Bibb's sister ship) to be stripped and prepared as artificial
reefs and dive sites. The doors were removed above the main
deck and the lower compartments were sealed. Both ships
were sunk in 1987.

The Bibb sits on its side in 130 feet of water.  Because the
current is usually very bad here and the fact that the wreck is
on its side in 130 feet of water which could cause vertigo, the
Bibb is not visited by local dive shops very often.  And it is
imperative that only advanced divers try this dive.  It could be
very dangerous.   
There are 2 buoys - one at the bow and one at the stern.  
Divers should always descend and ascend holding onto the
line because the current is usually very strong and you could,
quite literally, be swept away to sea.

This dive site is for advanced or technical divers only.
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