The Benwood wreck sits upright in 50 feet of water.  The hull is intact but is
heavily damaged by the collision and subsequent demolitions by the Navy.  
The metal sides of the wreck are fully coated with coral and sponges.  Look
close to the bottom for moray eels, lobster and jawfish.  One of the most
impressive things about this dive is the amount of tropical fish that you'll
see.  They literally cover the top of the structure.  
The Benwood Wreck is about 5 miles offshore at MM 105.  There are four
mooring buoys B1 - B4 to tie to.  The depth is 25 to 55 feet making the dive
good for beginners and intermediate but not too good for snorklers.  There
is sometimes a moderate to heavy current here so beware.  
The Benwood was a freighter built in 1910.  She was 360 feet long with a 51
foot beam.  She was wrecked in WWII in 1942.  It is said that she collided
with a 544 foot tanker both traveling off course at night in the dark.  The
Benwood sank 1/1/2 miles north of French Reef.  Later she was used for
target practice by the US military in the 50's and was eventually dynamited to
eliminate the navigational hazard she posed.
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