Offshore Fishing / Deep Sea

Offshore fishing in the Florida Keys is absolutely spectacular!  Whether you
want to target Dolphin (Mahi-Mahi), Tuna, Wahoo, Kingfish, Sailfish,
Amberjack, Marlin or Swordfish, you'll find your perfect catch in the Florida Keys
and Key  West.  The many different types of game fish that are offshore make
for an experience of a lifetime!  Florida Keys fishing charters and guides use
several different techniques to target game fish.  One of which is called the
“run-and-gun” technique.  While using this method of game fishing, the charter
boats travel the offshore waters looking for birds, weed lines, floating debrias
and baitfish busting up the surface.  After any of these types of activities are
spotted, it is only a matter of time before you are sight casting and the drags
are screaming!  

Another technique used is kite fishing.  This type of fishing is exciting as well.  
Deploying one or two fishing kites from the bow, stern, or both, then releasing
lines out from clips that leave live baits right on the surface attracts the
gamefish.  The attack from the fish is absolutely amazing!

Another technique that is becoming more and more popular is deep drop
fishing.  Late in the summer, the Dolphin fishing usually gets spotty. The reef
is too warm for big Grouper and Snapper and the wrecks generally produce
Amberjacks and Shark. The best way to put “color” into the fish box is to fish
deep.  That is, on the bottom of the ocean, say about 850 feet.   Deep drop
fishing is an obsession for a few serious anglers because only a few will pay
the excessive price for the initial equipment needed.  

Wreck Fishing

There are many wrecks and artificial reefs in the Florida Keys that aren't in a
protected area.  Fish found at the wrecks are generally larger and more
mature.  The fish that have grown out of their adolescence and are no longer in
need of their school hang out on the wrecks.  They are large and fast and are
plenty capable of catching their own meals.  There are also schools of fish that
live around these massive structures of the wrecks that will gladly come up to
the surface for a free meal of live chum.  Usually big Grouper and Mutton
Snapper are bottom fished and kites and flat lines are used to catch King
Mackerel, Wahoo, Sailfish or Barracuda.  

Reef Fishing

Just a few miles offshore lies one of the largest living coral reefs in the world!  
Within all the beauty that the reef attains, one thing for sure is that it is loaded
with fish!  Fish you will find on spot reefs include Yellowtail Snapper, Grey
(Mangrove) Snapper, Mutton Snapper, Mackerel, Sailfish, and huge Grouper.  
Actually, you can catch nearly every type of Pelagic game fish in this same
area!  This is what makes Reef fishing so exciting!  There are several
techniques used while fishing on the reef.  One technique is chumming with
ground up fish, oats, and sand while using a mixture of live baits to get the fish
really excited.  The fish seem to come out of nowhere in a feeding frenzy!    It is
definitely something you won’t ever forget!  
Florida Keys Fishing - Offshore, Deep Sea, Wreck and Reef
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Sailfish range in the Atlantic and
Caribbean from New York to
Brazil. They’re also found in the
northern Gulf, where several have
been landed from fishing piers. It’s
not uncommon to encounter a
sail quite a ways offshore, but the
majority frequent depths ranging
from 60 to 180 feet.
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