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The Atlantic sailfish is quite possibly
North America’s most recognizable
saltwater gamefish. An offshore
species that tends to hug the
coastline, the spindlebeak continues
to inspire comment from the lofty to
the low. Here in Florida, anglers
target sails using three basic
methods. Each takes advantage of
everything from bottom topography
to the latest technology.

Sailfish differ from other pelagics in
several distinct ways. In addition to
waging a spirited, aerial battle, they
strike baits in a unique way. The
annals of sportfishing are literally
stuffed to the gills with accounts of
sailfish slashing baits with their bills.
While some authorities claim these
fish are attempting to stun or kill
their victims prior to injesting them, I
believe they’re simply lifting their
bills in preparation for an all-out
attack. Either way, we know they
feed voraciously during their four-
year life span and are plentiful
enough to be of interest to most
Florida anglers.
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