The Duane Wreck

This wreck is approximately 1 mile South of Molasses reef
around 6 miles offshore at MM 100.
Sister ship to the Bibb, the Duane was built in 1935.  The ship
is 327 feet long with a 41 foot beam.  The Duane served as a
US Coast Guard Cutter, patrolling offshore in Florida during
WW II, in Europe during the invasion of France, and then the
coast of Vietnam.  She was decommissioned in 1985.  A
group of dive shops and other organizations arranged for the
Duane and the Bibb to be stripped and prepared as artificial
reefs and dive sites. The doors were removed above the main
deck and the lower compartments were sealed. Both ships
were sunk in 1987.

The Duane sits upright in 120 feet of water.  Like the Bibb
wreck, the current here is usually very bad.  This dive is for an
advanced or technical diver only.  Like all deep dives, divers
should always descend and ascend holding onto the line.
If you're lucky enough to visit the Duane on a good day, this
site is one of the most spectacular dives in the Florida Keys.
The hull is heavily encrusted with corals.  Large animals like
jewfish, cobia, turtles, big amberjacks, barracuda, angelfish
are usually around the wreck.

There are entry points to the wreck if you are certified as a
wreck diver.  Large animals are often inside the wreck.  There
is a large circular hatch on the forward deck where the
ammunition storage area of the gun turret was.  There is
wheelhouse in the middle - don't miss that.  
Upper Keys Dive Pictures
Duane Wreck
Photos by Gail Culver

No reproduction allowed without permission.
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