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Why Advertise on the Internet?

Today more and more people are searching the Internet for information about a variety of things like researching
an area before making vacation plans or other types of  plans.  Online advertising is evolving into a very viable and
important advertising medium.  
Not only do people do Internet searches but they find information from blogs,
travel sites, etc.

If you're already advertising on a website, that's great!  But the more places you advertise the more likely
potential customers will see your ad and contact you!

Internet Advertising in Plain English

You built it, will they come?  Most website owners don't understand what is involved in getting customers to your
site after it's built and published to the Internet.  One way that is growing in popularity is "pay per click".  For this
type of advertising your site, you sign up with Yahoo or Google to have your site show up under certain search
'keywords' (the words people use when they search the Internet for specific things) as 'sponsored ads' either at
the top of the page or on the right side of the page.  This is in hopes that customers will notice your link to your site
and click on it.  If they do, you pay Yahoo or Google the agreed upon price "per click" when you signed up for the

Another way is to have links to your site from other sites.  But the catch here is that the site that links to you must be
ranked highly with the search engines or it may have a detrimental effect on your site.  If you exchange links with a
site whose primary purpose is a link exchange, then some search engines consider that 'bad' and will 'punish'
your site for it.  You should always have links to your site on sites that are common in purpose and content as your
own.  (like for instance, our family of Florida Keys websites!)

Another way is to have your site designed and developed by a website professional that knows and understands
the ins and outs of search engine rankings.  If a site is "optimized", it may appear at the top or near the top of the
page of listings for certain keyword searches that have been predetermined or predicted to be used to find your
site.  This can be very costly and is not guaranteed.

And finally, advertise with us!  

We have done all the ground work for you and created sites that are ranked highly and are viewed by
hundreds of people a week.  What better place to advertise your business AND your website than on those
that are already optimized?

Advertising on our sites will improve your site's traffic and search engine rankings!

Why Should You Advertise on These Websites?

Designed and developed by website professionals, our sites are optimized using today’s technology – not
technology from a year or two ago.  We stay on top of technology changes and adjust our sites accordingly to
ensure high rankings now and in the future.  Our staff has lived in different areas of the Keys and has gathered
information from a variety of sources for these sites, both online and offline, and from personal experience to help
make our sites more appealing and interesting to web surfers.

We also advertise our sites on several travel and tourism sites which has proved to be a very popular way that
travelers view our websites for various Florida Keys information.

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