Information about the Florida Keys and Key  West
During the first week in June every year, the Gay and Lesbian Community Center
of Key West presents a seven day event called PrideFest.  Events include the
Pride Follies talent extravaganza, contests to select a Mr., Ms. and Miss
PrideFest, several parties and the PrideFest Parade down Duval Street.

Key West was the first city in the United State to openly recruit gay tourists.  In
1979 The Key West Tourist Development Association, Inc., started Fantasy Fest
held during the week of Halloween to attract tourists to Key West during the less
popular time of the year for visitors to come down.  Fantasy Fest attracts
thousands of people to the island – gay, lesbian, bi and straight - and has
become a huge success.

The Key West Gay and Lesbian Museum and Archive opened in June of 2006 at
the Gay and Lesbian Community Center at 513 Truman St.  Featured exhibits
include papers of Richard A. Heyman who was one of the first openly gay
mayors before dying of AIDS in 1994.
Key West is the gay paradise on planet earth.  Since the "gay revolution" of the
60's, Key West has provided a home for gays & lesbians, transgenders, drag
queens, and an unlimited variety of other characters. Gay authors, artists,
designers, lawyers, architects, doctors, hairdressers, bartenders, waiters,
actors, and straights flock to this tiny island paradise. Today, Key West boasts
one of the most diverse populations anywhere in the world, a special place
where closets have no doors.  Come out, come out, wherever you are...and be
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