Information about the Florida Keys and Key  West
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A.K.A. The Conch Republic

A failure to care about what the rest of the world is doing or thinking is very
characteristic of the mindset of Key West citizens. Anything goes here and
usually does.  

Key West and the Florida Keys declared secession from the union, declared
war, surrendered and then demanded foreign aid after the US Border Patrol
blocked the road North of Key Largo and searched cars for illegal aliens and
drugs in 1982.  That act by the Keys and Key West embarrassed the US
internationally and prompted the abandonment of the blockade.  

There is an official Conch Republic flag, ministers,ambassadors,
commodores and secretaries.  Every April Key West celebrates the Conch
Republic's independence with a parade, parties, and other events.

Conchs (pronounced "konks") are big, pink-lined shells that you put to your
ear to hear the ocean's roar. But we have another definition in Key West.  Key
West native islanders or "Key Westers" born here are honored with the title of
"conch".  Those who have lived here more than seven years qualify to be
called "freshwater conchs," and those who visit often enough can earn the
name "visitor", replacing "tourist".

Other names we call Key West -  "Sunny KW",  "Fantasy Island",  "The Rock",
"Bone Island",  "The Southernmost Point" and "The Last Resort".        
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